Ever-increasing data volumes, big data, cloud computing and other technologies are forcing enterprise data centres to continually evolve.

The onus is on organisations to understand how technologies such as virtualisation continue to shape data centres and how those responsible for strategy are using the cloud and cutting-edge technology to meet present and future demands.

The Computing Data Centre Audit 2015 summarises and analyses the results of a comprehensive research programme undertaken during July and August 2015. The research covers the following key topics:

  • The extent of virtualisation in enterprise data centres
  • Whether the use of cloud data centre services and outsourcing has increased
  • The awareness and adoption levels of new technologies such as software-defined and converged infrastructure
  • Whether flash storage had made a significant impact on storage infrastructure
  • Changes in spending patterns on data centre infrastructure Skills required for managing the evolving data centre architecture
  • The drivers of change to data centre architecture

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