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Will your data be left in the dark if there's a power outage?

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 01-Sep-2016 14:39:15

Whenever a data centre power failure occurs, the damage can be both unimaginable and unclear. In a world where digital interconnectivity has become necessary for day-to-day business functions and for businesses that have redistributed their data to an external cloud provider, data centre power resilience is business critical. Data centre downtime can equate to potentially hundreds of thousands of lost revenue, as well as damage to brand reputation. Alternatively, it could mean the loss of substantial data, or a compromise in network security. However, one fact remains true regardless, and it’s that data centres must have a powerful backup solution implemented to avert a complete operational loss. eyesinthedark.jpg


In recognition of the superior level of data centre power resilience we provide at our central London data centre, we offer our customers an award-winning Platinum Power Service Level Agreement for organisations that require 100% uptime and peace of mind. So confident are we in our power resilience that should our services or availability drop below 100%, then our customers will be offered one full year of free service for any affected racks.

The news is littered with examples where power outages have impacted business performance. A US airline fell victim to an unexpected power systems failure, resulting in significant delays across the US, Japan and Italy. Tremendous amounts of passengers were left stranded, whilst flights were delayed or cancelled entirely. According to the airline, following the power loss, “some critical systems and network equipment didn’t switch over to the airline’s backup systems.”

They managed to resume services six hours later, but with a large backlog of passengers – and were forced to offer refunds as compensation for the cancelled flights and general inconvenience.

This example highlights the importance of data centre resilience, updated technology and having a secondary power facility in place to ensure the smooth and consistent running of systems and processes in the event of a failure or emergency.

At Volta, due to the structural integrity of our data centre and the infrastructure we’ve constructed, our customers receive 100% uptime, anytime. As one of the most power resilient data centre providers in the UK, we are ideally located on two separate diverse power rings on London’s upgraded 33kV network. Equipped with two resilient power connections from two main grid stations and 33kV transformers on site, we can comfortably assure our customers that they will always have the power that they require.

We recognise the potency and capabilities of cloud technology and in order to respond to its demands we’ve made significant changes to the service levels we offer our customers. Our Platinum Power SLA has been developed to be a unique offering for any data centre across the UK, or indeed, the whole of Europe.

So, will your data be left in the dark if there’s a power failure? Not with Volta.

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