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When is it time to move?

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 08-Nov-2016 11:11:20

Most organisations know that their IT infrastructure is the foundation upon which all of their business interactions are based - it has to be secure, accessible and operating at peak performance, always.
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Complacency, therefore, is not an option. Every company should continuously assess how their essential IT equipment is managed and maintained. Is the in-house model able to provide the robust disaster recovery required? Would a third-party data centre provider offer a better option? Perhaps the relationship with an existing third-party data centre has run its course and the business would be better served by a new IT infrastructure partner.

When looking at options, this checklist might be helpful in assessing when it is the right time to move:

  • Has your business outgrown its current data centre? Do you need more servers or want to add another layer of protection to your data? If this is the case, either in-house or from an external provider, then you need to upscale your infrastructure and bear in mind what your requirements are in the future to sustain your rate of growth. Can you be sure of having space available for expansion in six months’ or a year’s time?
  • Have you experienced or are you at any risk of power outages – whether at your own in-house server room or with a third-party data centre provider? Any risk of power failure needs to be mitigated to ensure you have 100% uptime. If this isn’t a given, it’s what is most likely to keep your IT manager awake at night. Find out how Lypy chose to move its data centre to Volta, after experiencing power outages
  • Is the level of cooling still adequate for your needs? As you use more and more computing power, so the cooling of the equipment becomes essential. Trying to do this sustainably is also important but this is very difficult in-house or with a data centre partner who does not have the right cooling technology available
  • Could your business use more floor space for business desks rather than for IT equipment? As your business expands, there is the happy problem of how to house more IT infrastructure. If you’d be better off placing your IT offsite in a secure facility, you can free up more office space and have more people onsite delivering value
  • Is the cost of expanding or maintaining the existing data centre in-house higher than outsourcing? Cost reduction is always a consideration for businesses and it is possible to home your data offsite with expert facilities at a fraction of the cost of doing this in-house. Choose a data centre provider who can scale with you, on a transparent pricing plan, and you will quickly see the benefit
  • Is the business at risk of theft, fire or flood? Any risk needs to be removed so that your most important IT equipment is kept secure and always-on 24/7/365. If you are not confident that this is the case, then it is time to consider moving facility

If any of the above points are keeping your CTO awake at night, then the company is at a crossroads and needs to act now. Ignoring problems, however small, could cost your business dearly. It could end up being far more financially damaging to keep your IT equipment in-house or to stay with a data centre provider who is not meeting your business’ needs. Doing nothing is simply not enough, the time to take action is now.  


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