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Volta wins 'Innovation of the Year' at the SVC Awards 2016

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 12-Dec-2016 09:43:57

In recognition of our innovative approach to colocation, we’re proud to announce that we have received the ‘Innovation of the Year’ award and that we are ‘Co-location / Hosting Provider of the Year’ runner-up from this year’s Storage, Virtualisation and Cloud Awards (SVC) 2016.

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Having previously won “Innovation of the Year” at the DCS Awards in May 2016, and now winning the SVC’s ‘Innovation of the Year’ award, Volta’s position as an established and innovative central London data centre is quickly being reinforced.

These awards provide further confirmation that our Platinum Power Service Level Agreement, which offers a free year’s service if customers ever lose full power or connectivity for even a split second, is truly an innovative and unique service offering within the market space. In addition, these awards reflect how committed we are (and have been) to providing innovative solutions for our customers which can change as and when they need them to.

It’s important to understand just how much the cloud has transformed the way businesses operate. We’re now in a world where business operations and activities are conducted constantly throughout the day and mostly through the cloud. On that basis, for businesses wanting to streamline their operations and improve efficiency, having a data centre which can provide 100% uptime and full power availability is fundamental.

At Volta, we’re proud of the state-of-the-art, adaptable and resilient data centre infrastructure we provide. Designed with the future in mind and to address the ever-increasing infrastructure demands of businesses, we provide our customers with the peace of mind, accessibility and capacity they need.


If you want to learn more about or unique Platinum Power Service Level Agreement, click here.


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