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Volta Data Centres Sponsors St Lukes Community Centre

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 26-Jul-2016 12:50:40


Just as we’re committed to providing and maintaining the highest quality standards in the IT industry, at Volta we are also dedicated to the enrichment and development of everyone, in everything. As a central London data-centre, we care tremendously about our local community and its continued progression, and it was important to us to find a cause that we could resonate with, share the same values and of course, was a part of our Central London community. Therefore, in order to help facilitate and cultivate that progression, we’re proud to announce our sponsorship of a local charity, St Luke’s Community Centre.

Our managing director, Jon Arnold, expressed his pride regarding this partnership: “This is our first step in charity involvement and we hope that our assistance and sponsorship can help this wonderful charity grow, continue to help others, and make our community prosper”.

St Luke’s (only five minutes away from Volta) is a dynamic, welcoming and neighbourly community centre in South Islington that’s thoroughly invested in providing enjoyment, education and mutual benefits for all. St Luke’s has a long, well established history of service and support for their local community which dates back centuries. Their unwavering commitment to development in all aspects is truly commendable and deserving of the utmost respect. The sponsorship is part of St Luke’s Business Engagement project that promotes and facilitates sustainable partnerships between corporate businesses, community organisations, schools and residents in the EC1 area.

Despite operating primarily within their area of benefit – St Luke’s has regularly extended its assistance beyond its boundaries – highlighting their desire to help and provide. However, their mission doesn’t stop there. They host and facilitate more than 65 events on a weekly basis for their local community, ranging from after-school activities to care for the elderly and from corporate volunteering to cookery classes: all with the intent for improvement, inclusion and mutual benefit.

When Volta decided to sponsor St Luke’s it was important that we were able to invest not just financially but that we could also volunteer all year around. St Luke’s enables us to do just that, helping to invest our time in the local community and play a part in its growth and helping it to thrive.

At Volta we understand the importance of having a strong foundation people can build from. St Luke’s is an exceptional and inspiring organisation – and once again; we are incredibly proud to be able to sponsor them.

To find out more about Volta Data Centres, you can visit our resources section of our website by clicking here.

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