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Volta is proud to announce its sponsorship of The Managed and Hosting Summit

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 03-Aug-2016 11:22:11


At Volta, we’re constantly refining our technological schematics and infrastructure to ensure that our service coincides with our desire to maintain the highest standards in the IT industry. Rather than simply allowing our operations to work – we make them better and far more resilient.

But as the market continues to evolve and customers develop more intricate needs – so must technology. Currently for most, technology is predominantly used as a process of automation, merely a means to an end – a streamlined procedure. However, in order to respond to the ambiguous nature of the IT landscape, technology needs to not only diversify and streamline processes, but also refine and accentuate them. Technology can no longer be perceived as just a factor of automation, but rather a forensically accurate and potent mechanism for opportunity and business acceleration.

The Managed Services and Hosting Summit focuses exactly on that. The summit is constructed around a high-level, extensive conference program where industry leading Managed Services experts will deliver a series of discussions. These discussions are aimed at management level officials, channel representatives and decision makers in the IT industry. The conference itself will outline, explore and assess the current changes the IT world is experiencing, as well as inform MSPs on how to capitalise on these changes and succeed.

Some of the most principal features the conference will focus on are:

  • the role of MSPs in the digital world
  • cyber security / data security
  • big data
  • the IoT
  • digital business
  • business models for sustainable practice
  • scalable application delivery
  • and much, much more

As such, Volta Data Centres is proud to announce its sponsorship of The Managed Services and Hosting Summit, where we will be amongst some of the most prominent MSPs in the industry. We look forward to discussing the implications and opportunities the new digital age presents, implementing digital business models and how the role of Managed Services is changing. The event presents a tremendous opportunity for networking with key practitioners, industry experts and suppliers.

 At Volta, we believe that in order to maintain the highest standards in the IT industry, it’s absolutely imperative that MSPs have a contextual understanding of the current IT landscape and how the turbulent changes it faces can either be catalysts for success or failure. The Managed Services and Hosting Summit is a must attend event for any MSP looking to venture forward in the digital age – and we’re tremendously pleased to be a part of this event.

To find out more about Volta Data Centres, you can visit our resources section of our website by clicking here.

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