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Volta helps IT Communications offer 100% Uptime

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 24-Nov-2016 10:07:30

Since 2010, I.T Communications has been offering VoIP services to UK businesses and its own Ofcom telephone number ranges, as an approved provider of Ofcom.

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Its customers expect, and are used to, the very best service so when there were problems with an existing data centre provider, I.T Communications looked for a partner that could provide the same level of excellent customer service, technology and availability it delivers to its 800 customers.

I.T Communications was searching for a data centre partner that could both sustain constant uptime and ensure sufficient capacity to increase its data centre footprint quickly and effectively when required. This meant that the chosen data centre needed to be able to provision racks to a high standard and offer excellent resilience and availability.

Choosing to work with Volta has meant I.T Communications now benefits from a competitive pricing model, resulting in efficiency savings. It also has a more accessible data centre due to Volta’s central London location. The ease of accessibility has enabled I.T Communications to carry out maintenance on its racks far quicker. Furthermore, when I.T Communications has had to call upon Volta technicians, it has enjoyed receiving an equally high level of service and technical expertise.

Reasons for choosing Volta

  • Uptime – Volta’s promise of 100% uptime gives the company peace of mind, as guaranteed uptime is business critical to I.T Communications. Volta’s connection to two separate 33kV feeds and two dedicated 33kV transformers on-site provide I.T Communications with great power and great resilience.
  • Technical Expertise – From the first point of contact, Volta has made sure that every aspect of care and support is considered, providing I.T Communications with support and assistance where needed.
  • Location – Located in central London, the I.T Communications team can make a short journey to Volta from its office in Essex far quicker than to its previous partner. This has delivered efficiency savings and easy access for maintenance.
  • Scalability – Volta still has plenty of capacity available to support the growth of I.T Communications, as and when customers demand.

Read the full case study here

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