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Volta Data Centres shortlisted for two Innovation of the Year Awards

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 20-Sep-2016 10:24:16

We are proud to announce that Volta Data Centres has been shortlisted in the Cloud Hosting Awards “Innovation of the Year” category and in the V3 Technology Awards “Technology Innovator of the Year” category. 



Following the success of winning “Innovation of the Year” at the Data Centre Solutions Awards in May 2016, Volta is hoping to continue the winning streak and complete a hat-trick of industry innovation accolades.

Show you support for Volta in the V3 Technology Awards by casting your vote before voting officially closes on 07 October.

If being shortlisted in these two separate innovation categories wasn’t enough – Volta has also been included in an extra category of the Cloud Hosting Awards for “Marketing Campaign of the Year” for its campaign that targeted the Post-Production industry. Vote for Volta in the Cloud Hosting Awards by casting your vote before voting closes on 11 October.

Being included in these industry awards is confirmation that Volta’s Platinum Power Service Level Agreement, which offers a year’s free service if customers ever lose full power for even a split second, is a truly unique offering in the marketplace and recognises Volta’s superior level of power resilience.

The Cloud Hosting Awards showcase the sector’s pioneers – celebrating the latest and greatest products and service offerings. But it’s not just about the technology, customer service and strategy also play a crucial role in the success of a business, and the Cloud Hosting Awards recognise the best examples of excellent customer service and highly effective strategic marketing campaigns.

The V3 Technology awards focuses on both vendors and individuals who have innovated and achieved within their industry over the past 12 months. Winners are chosen by the V3 readers, which is great kudos for the winners.

Business benefits of using a data centre

Volta is working tirelessly to educate different industries of the benefits they stand to receive by choosing to host their IT equipment in a data centre. For example:

  • Financial Services - businesses that operate in the financial sector have to adhere to the highest standards of data protection, security and regulatory compliance. Not only this, the industry also demands 100% connectivity to support trading infrastructures to ensure trade reporting is carried out in a timely manner and trading data is stored in accordance with regulatory guidelines and timelines. Read more about how Volta can support the Financial industry by downloading our eBook.
  • Media – The UK has a thriving creative industry in film and media. This involves large amounts of content being created and shared online and when this content needs to be transferred quickly and reliably - the scale of connectivity becomes of hugely important. Read more about how Volta can support the Media industry through providing highly resilient and a well-connected data facility
  • Public Sector – The UK public sector is undergoing a ‘digital transformation’ which is spearheaded by the Government as it looks to make large efficiency and cost savings. Public Sector organisations are waking up to the realisation that large savings can be made by no longer maintaining their own dedicated IT service centres with all of the associated costs and space requirements – instead they can benefit from hosting their data in extremely secure data centres. Additionally, Volta has direct access to the N3 network, meaning that businesses within the Health sector can rest assured that they receive dedicated access to the N3 network. If you’re considering hosting your data in a data centre, then read our eBook on the 10 questions you should consider before doing so.

Customers housed within Volta’s central London data centre benefit from the latest cooling technology, on premise and in-rack security, and state-of-the art power resilience that many other data centres simply cannot provide. If you want to know more about Volta, then get in touch and book at tour of the facility – the team will be more than happy to show you around.



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