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Volta Data Centres Awarded Two New Accreditations

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 21-Mar-2016 10:00:00

Volta.pngWe are delighted to announce that we have been awarded two new accreditations, further demonstrating our dedication and commitment to providing and maintaining the highest quality standards in the IT industry. We've are now a Visa Merchant Agent and EU Code of Conduct Participant - reinforcing Volta’s due diligence when it comes to both payments and energy efficiencies.

Visa Merchant Agent

Visa Europe defines Merchant Agents as 'businesses that provide payment-related services on behalf of customers (merchants of retailers), except payment application software providers'. This includes providers of services that control cardholder data access for merchants, for example those who outsource these services to other agents. It also includes businesses that offer services that do not include control or access to cardholder data (such as hosting) – these are ‘out of scope’ merchant agents.

The EU Code of Conduct Participant

The EU Code of Conduct on data centre energy efficiency is a voluntary initiative aimed at reducing the environmental, economic and energy supply security impact of data centres. 

The code of conduct has an equipment and system-level scope, focusing on two primary areas – the IT load (IT capacity available for the power consumed) and facilities load (equipment and systems that support the IT load, such as cooling systems, PDUs and UPS).

The flexible and adaptable code of conduct aims to encourage cost-effective adoption of energy efficient practices in data centre facilities. Data centre owners and managers can become participants by making a strong, but not legally binding, commitment to the code of conduct requirements. Organisations, such as vendors and government agencies, can become endorsers of the EU Code of Conduct by agreeing to use the standards to develop products and programmes to help data centres achieve the Code of Conduct objectives. 

Energy efficiency in data centres is vital, with an emphasis now on businesses to reduce carbon footprints. The certification demonstrates our dedication not only to the environment, but also to provide the best quality services and risk assurance to our customers.

These two latest accreditations provide an additional attraction to business that operate in Retail and Financial Services industries - they are testament to our continuing support and our drive to provide the very best service to our customers.





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