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Volta Data Centre to offer dc connect in central London

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 27-Jan-2015 10:30:00

euNetworksWe are happy to announce that we have been chosen by bandwidth provider euNetworks to join its dc connect service, providing instant and scalable high bandwidth data connectivity from central London to 250 data centres in Europe.

Volta’s Great Sutton Street (GSS) location provides an important advantage for customers due to its close proximity to the City, the West End and London’s new-media hub in Shoreditch. Cloud and Managed Service Providers, financial, media and content companies will benefit from the £8m euNetworks has invested in pre-deploying high bandwidth infrastructure in London, helping retain the city’s position as a leading technology hub.

As London businesses are increasingly offering Cloud-based services, where all data is stored in a data centre, not on the user’s computer, they must have the bandwidth to support them.

euNetworks offers a five-day delivery of a dark fibre based network to its customers, plus a choice of fibre, Wavelengths and Ethernet service offerings.

Cisco estimates that by 2017 global Cloud traffic will reach 5.3 zettabytes. In this environment the reliability and latency of the connectivity is very important, so euNetwork’s decision to choose Volta to join its connectivity service further proves that we can put London businesses at the heart of the Internet’s most powerful services, providing access to global markets.

For any Managed Services Provider it is essential to look for a data centre with multiple Tier 1 carrier options and diverse entry points into the building, as well as Tier 2 carrier services, in order to achieve full resilience. We look forward to partnering with euNetworks in working to help bring superfast broadband to the capital.

To see our latest partnership case study working with leading IP-voice service specialist Gamma, click the download button below.


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