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Volta Data Centre Taxis in Central London

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 03-Feb-2015 16:15:24

Volta_TaxiWe are happy to announce that our Volta Data Centre taxis are now on the streets of London.

Why is Volta associating itself with black taxis in central London?’

Well, black taxis are an iconic and inherent part of everyday city life and with Volta being located in the heart of London, it was an easy and obvious choice. Located in close proximity to the City, the West End and London’s new-media hub in Shoreditch (dubbed ‘Silicon Roundabout’), Volta Data Centre is the ideal location for all cloud and managed service providers.

When time is critical, so is location so whether you are at the stage of growing your business or expanding to fulfil a global ambition, Volta’s Colocation London advantages make it the ideal data centre in which to locate your critical IT infrastructure. It provides the ‘4Cs’ (customer service, convenience, connectivity and capability) that the capital’s businesses need to achieve the fast, simple and secure connection to local communities and global markets that underpins success. In addition, Volta is highly resilient and concurrently maintains a Tier III standard environment within a stand-alone dedicated facility. Volta delivers power, cooling, security and connectivity to fully support increasingly demanding colocation and rack space needs with a service level guarantee of 100% uptime.

Volta taxis are taking people from A to B and connecting them across London, just like our connectivity services. For more information on all the services we provide and to download our spec sheet, click HERE

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