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Volta Data Centre offers reliable IT support to London Companies.

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 19-May-2015 17:38:29

Ex_NetworksWe are delighted to announce that we have joined forces with bespoke co-location start-up EX Networks to deliver flexible, reliable and fast connectivity for companies looking to move IT support from in-house to the cloud. The company will be able to offer its clients a team of data centre engineers, managed racks and end-to-end solutions within Volta Data Centre.

As more and more companies look to move old, legacy equipment out of their offices and free up space by using co-location sites, the Volta and EX Networks partnership will provide a different location to Docklands-based centres. EX Networks was attracted to Volta’s high power availability and connectivity offering and is currently in talks with a number of clients who are looking to move their technology to the data centre.

Moving to the cloud is a business critical decision for many SMEs and requires an excellent physical infrastructure: a safe and secure environment from which the business critical servers and hard drives that contain the applications and data can operate. They require fast, uninterrupted data connections, a totally secure and reliable power supply and buildings that offer the highest possible levels of security, something that Volta can offer EX Networks’ clients. All of Volta’s services are basically an extension of EX Networks’ services and vice versa.

This partnership is ideal for media companies and start-ups across London looking for the flexibility to expand in the future. Companies across the globe that require a technical presence in the capital will also benefit, as EX Networks provides infrastructure and maintenance services. 

To read our latest partnership case study with leading IP-voice service specialist Gamma, click the download button below.


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