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Uptime, Resilience And A Central Location: Why Next Connex Chose Volta

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 09-Nov-2016 10:10:00

Volta has recently started working with Next Connex, a high-performance network infrastructure designer and builder with a dedicated UK fibre network.

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Next Connex provides carrier and data centre neutral services to systems integrators, service providers, IT and software companies and telco carriers. It already has a robust network spread across different regions in the UK but is always looking for expert data centre partners to bolster this network and the services it provides.

The Next Connex team began talking to us at Volta for three reasons: to add to its core network to increase capacity; to offer premium locations to its clients; and to support its overall business growth.

Essential requirements for Next Connex included the ability to demonstrate a highly resilient power supply, sufficient capacity to support growth and, perhaps most importantly, a synergy of work ethic and business approach. A critical point for its customers, Next Connex also needed to provide uninterrupted access to its network and data centre services. Volta’s 100% uptime guarantee and state of the art power resilience were key factors in choosing to work with the company.

Next Connex Managing Director Bob Griffiths says,

Partnering with Volta and being able to benefit from its guarantee of 100% uptime means that our customers can have the utmost confidence in our network. We were very happy with their approach to business and their specialist approach to being a data centre provider. This has great synergy with ourselves as a specialist network provider, as our customers receive the experience that two specialist providers bring – which is a very compelling offer.

Through this partnership, Next Connex is expertly placed to grow its service offering for the retail, finance, insurance and legal sectors - all of which require extremely reliable, low latency, secure networks. In Volta, it has found a partner that is agile enough to allow for any changes requested by its customers, whilst guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity to its network services – a critical factor for most modern businesses – as well as an additional central London node. For more information on Volta’s work with Next Connex, you can find the full case study here

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