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Top legal firms demand 100% power uptime

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 09-Sep-2016 15:42:04

Top legal firms in the UK operate on a global 24/7 scale that is only possible as a result of the 21st century digital world. To maintain constant digital connectivity, more and more legal firms rely on a data centre to house the vast amount of data they handle.



This is the case for London Legal, one of the UK’s foremost IT support and document management providers for international law firms. London Legal was also looking for a data centre provider that would be able to house the quantity of data it was looking to place, as well as offer high levels of security due to the nature of the sensitive data the company manages.

Read the case study here to find out why London Legal chose Volta Data Centres.

Power resilience, security and flexible pricing are all primary requirements for legal firms that are looking to partner with a data centre provider. When considering a data centre partner, London Legal recognised the need for a resilient and secure solution to house vast quantities of data it needed to transfer, store and provide international around the clock access to. In order to match this demand, London Legal needed a data centre partner that could guarantee 100% data availability by having an extremely resilient power source.

With two power connections from two main grid stations and 33kV transformers on site, Volta was able to provide the necessary power resilience that legal firms, such as London Legal, require to ensure they always have the power their customers demand.

Flexible Pricing

When searching for a data centre partner to support their large quantities of data, legal firms have to make a significant investment in servers and racks as part of the supporting network. Add onto this cooling provisions, connectivity to a high speed network and ongoing maintenance – and the costs can soon escalate. This is why Volta Data Centres provides a flexible monthly pricing structure that allows legal firms, and other businesses, to scale their operations in line with their business strategy. This flexibility is ideal for businesses that want to scale up and down.

Data Security

Data security is always a high concern for legal firms, as they deal with highly sensitive data and want to avoid being tomorrows news headline for a data security breach. Recent articles highlighted that, despite the extensive security mechanisms in place, many businesses were hesitant to move over to the Cloud, even though their data would be safe and protected. It actually came down to a question of trust between the two parties and whether or not the data centre in question was reputable enough and if it was locally available. We know from our market research conducted earlier in 2016 that 87% of UK consumers would feel more confident if they knew their data was stored in the UK compared to European countries.

Supporting Rapid Growth

Volta Data Centres provided the structural integrity, state of the art security and central London location that London Legal required to scale their business operations, assuring their customers 100% 24/7 connectivity to their documentation, bringing peace of mind with access to our highly resilient network.

For legal firms dealing with large volumes business critical data, it has become an absolute necessity to have a secure, cutting edge facility with convenient access via the latest security authentication methods. If legal firms want to rapidly expand and provide greater accessibility to their services, storing documentation onsite is no longer a viable strategy for rapid growth. 

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