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To London.....and beyond!

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 17-Nov-2016 10:59:09

With London’s mayor exploring plans for film studios in East London and with one of Netflix’s most popular series ‘The Crown’ being filmed in London, London is fast becoming a global film studio capital. With so many new studios arriving to London, how can they keep the edge and stay ahead of the competition?


May the uptime be with you

Smart choices are needed. Post-production companies in London, dealing with huge amounts of data, must have confidence in their providers when it comes to outsourcing any IT. A reliable IT infrastructure is imperative to ensure studios deliver world-class movies on schedule. Downtime cannot be accepted in the fast-paced and commercially sensitive movie marketplace.

Hasta la vista, long-term contracts

With the bulk of their work being project-based and under high financial scrutiny, studios must be able to scale up and down their IT infrastructure. Any post-production company will value the ability of a partner to scale when needed. Just as vital is the need to have short-term contracts, enabling studios not to commit to long-term contracts when they need the flexibility.

Nobody puts servers in the corner

Easy access and close proximity to their IT suppliers is critical to Soho’s studios. A central London data centre partner enables studios to easily and quickly access their IT infrastructure either on foot or a short tube ride. When time is money, this investment in proximity could help a post-production business deliver more movies on time and budget.

London’s post-production industry is flourishing and creativity is sparking a whole new generation of skills in our capital city. The IT infrastructure and solutions to support this innovation should be valued and invested in. The movie world moves quickly and unless we can move at an equal pace, we risk the industry moving to a new location that will support its needs better.

Find out more about why Volta Data Centres is the right partner for post-production studios in London here.


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