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The importance of location when it comes to London data centres

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 21-Apr-2015 16:36:00

VoltaLondonEighteen months ago we embarked upon a unique opportunity - to open Volta Data Centres Great Sutton Street (GSS). Thanks to their keen eye for detail and combined 100 plus years’ experience in the data centre industry, the Volta Senior Management team had been aware of the GSS site for some time, with a vision to re-develop it into the state of the London data centre facility that it is today.

Our GSS facility had previously been a Reuters data centre for nearly 30 years and has always been a key part of London’s IT infrastructure, representing a technology hub at the forefront of innovation. Seeing the potential of the run-down facility, Volta has invested substantial amounts of money to upgrade the site to one worthy of housing London’s IT infrastructure. As the business landscape continues to embrace the benefits of the digital and cloud age, more and more companies require a home for their servers that is not only safe and secure, but that also has the connectivity and power provisions to evolve and support the London businesses of today and tomorrow.

Here are 5 fast facts that you may not know about Volta GSS:

  1. We acquired the 91,000 sq ft building in the summer of 2012 and it was opened in August 2013 by Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse after completing a multi-million pound re-fit of the London data centre facility that included a power upgrade from 2.8MVA to 9.6MVA.
  1. More than 250,000 man hours were invested in the refurbishment and an average of 175 staff worked on the London data centre site every day to create the high spec building.
  1. The site has two wholly owned and dedicated 33kV transformers onsite, which are fed by two separate redundant grid rings at 33kV each, providing a level of resilience that no other central London facility can match.
  1. We are continuing to welcome new partners regularly. Some of our newest partnerships include Level 3, euNetworks and Gamma.
  1. Six months ago we introduced a unique row-based cooling system proving that we are at the forefront of modern cooling technology. Our specially-developed cooling system increases efficiency and scalability, and is purpose built to handle IT equipment with a peak power density of 20kW per rack and beyond.

Whether you’re a business looking to house your servers in a robust external facility, or a managed service provider seeking a base from which to run your services, your choice of data centre is a crucial one that mustn’t be entered into lightly. By working with a dedicated data centre provider, such as Volta, your company will receive the personal touch when it comes to finding the right cloud for your home.


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