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The Effect of Big Data on Data Centres of the Future

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 21-Nov-2014 09:00:00

IT_ProOur very own Matthew Dent, CEO at Volta Data Centres was recently quoted in IT Pro’s special report “Building the Data Centre of the Future”. Within this article, Matthew discussed the effect of big data on the operation and development of data centres in the future. According to Matthew, underneath all the buzz and hype, lie challenges in the ability to transform the sheer volume of data into value for the overall profit and success of the business.

Where big data is stored is a vital component and one that should not be overlooked. Big data sets are dependent on quick access, rapid analytics and scalability of high processing performance. Therefore, large storage capacity is required to keep up with the rapid and constant growth of big data.

Another key consideration to housing big data is a convenient central location. The right data centre location is not just about the obvious requirements of avoiding the flood plain or flight path but also about minimising travel time for IT staff. While remote management is a key aspect of data centre management, hands on activity is still required – and minimising travel time is key to avoiding a dip in productivity and additional cost. The right data centre, just like a suitable home, can help an organisation to better prepare in the harnessing of data and better realise the promise of big data in this new era.

Other considerations include the ability to scale up in both physical space and power resources in the event of expansion, flexibility (and opportunity) to connect to outside networks and partners, latency in terms of the ability to manage data in real time and data security.

Download IT Pro’s special report here for an in-depth look at what Matthew Dent and other experts have to say about big data and other trends that are set to have an impact on the future of data centres. 

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