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Should the recent outages scare you away from public cloud?

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 02-Mar-2017 11:24:11

Recent news coverage on public cloud outages has revealed how much organisations depend on their IT providers to deliver their services. Hundreds of thousands of websites have been down for up to 4 hours with many more experiencing slowdowns.


To minimize the risks of downtime, many organisations have opted for a hybrid IT infrastructure model. A hybrid IT infrastructure can help organisations achieve both cloud agility and traditional IT predictability. Many organisations have made the decision to use a data centre provider to host their critical applications, while using public cloud for less business-critical applications. Organisations using public cloud only, as well as those with a hybrid infrastructure heavily relying on public cloud, may have to reconsider their strategy to reduce downtime risks.

The impact of a website downtime can be disastrous for companies, but even more so for IoT businesses as their products rely on uptime. Some internet-connected security cameras and smartphone apps went down during the recent outage, as well as cloud-connected light bulbs, thermostats and similar devices, which stopped working properly. It is clear that more consumers than ever before are affected by such downtime, with the adoption of Internet of Things and Smart Home Tech. When consumers lose trust in an organisation, the impact for the business could be devastating.

With organisations relying so much on their IT providers, the selection of IT partners is more important than ever before. Businesses must partner with reliable vendors to get the best possible service for their business. Read the 10 questions to ask your data centre to find out how to select your data centre provider.


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