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London’s Volta Data Centre Introduces Row-Based Cooling System

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 16-Dec-2014 10:30:00

Row_Based_CoolingAs more people log online for their home and work purposes, levels of power consumption rise. In turn, power densities and heat level strategies remain an important part of a data centre’s cooling strategies, especially as more London businesses look to outsource their IT infrastructure. That’s why we have introduced a specially developed row-based cooling system at our Great Sutton Street (GSS) data centre.

At Volta Data Centres, our row-based, modular system provides unmatched levels of flexibility and scalability, meaning it can cool high density racks adjacent to traditional racks whilst also improving energy efficiency. 

At the forefront of cooling technology, we are redefining the boundaries and managing the heat at source – an internal plenum, or air corridor, captures the rejected heat, isolating the exhausted hot air from the cold supply, which is injected into the cold aisles. The unique cooling system also boasts an embedded, self-protecting ‘hive’ logic, which means that each cooler continually monitors adjacent units for faults, automatically adjusting up to full capacity to protect the space and hardware. 

The system allows us, and our customers, to monitor the intake temperatures, discharge temperatures, peak loads and fan speeds in real-time, to future-proof our data centre and ensure we can scale up to meet increasing density requirements. 

Failure to achieve sufficient air distribution can threaten the performance of mission-critical equipment, which could have a serious impact on business performance. The fact we are able to replace cooling units within minutes rather than hours, significantly reduces the risk of damage and ensures all racks are kept at the optimal temperature.

Our state-of-the-art row-based cooling system has resilience of N+1 per unit and uses 42% less fan power than the standard CRAC units. It means we can reduce our power-consumption to help meet our environmental responsibilities, whilst also providing our customers with the quality of service and risk assurance they expect from a Central London data centre.

To see our latest partnership case study working with Gamma click the download button below.


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