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Reasons why your engineers will love Volta data centres

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 14-Jul-2015 17:12:00

Volta1-1Any organisation looking for a new data centre partner needs to take into account the needs of the engineers who will spend time there. The ease with which they can get to the premises and perform their tasks while there, will have a significant bearing on the cost of using that facility.

Companies sometimes forget to take this into account, but a happy and well-supported engineer will get the job done more efficiently – especially if he or she doesn’t have to make a huge round-trip to get to the external facility.

 With this in mind, here are three reasons why your engineers will love our data centre:

  1. Our enviable location - Our state-of-the-art facility is in Great Sutton Street, EC1– just one tube stop from King’s Cross, and walkable from both the City and the West End, so your engineers won’t have to travel far. When we say central London, we’re not kidding. On a practical level, the time and travel savings could really add up, and the immediacy of access could help avert a crisis.
  2. Our facilities - We provide very comfortable break-out rooms with high-quality sofas, a TV, fridge, free tea and coffee, as well as extensive luxury, walk-in showers – perfect for those who’ve been on site for long stretches, or for out-of-town engineers whose only other port of call is their hotel.
  3. Our staff - At Volta, our staff are there to help whether that’s organising parking or taking some of the load off your hands. We’re manned 24 hours a day too, and at any point of time, you can count on there being skilled engineers on the premises as back up. Just look to us as an extension of your internal communications room.

Whether you’re looking for a robust facility to house your IT infrastructure, or a managed service provider supporting customers across the city, your choice of data centre will affect your engineers who may need to spend a lot of time on site.

For more reasons why your engineers will love our data centre, download our eBook on the '8 reasons your engineers will love Volta Data Centres' HERE or click the download buttown below.


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