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Managed Services Provider chooses Volta to maintain its competitive edge

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 06-Sep-2016 16:53:49

Data centre resilience, consistency and adaptability are three of the most important features to consider for businesses looking to expand to the Cloud. With more businesses transferring their operations to the Cloud,having a powerful, adaptable and sophisticated data centre is key.



At Volta, we have an excellent relationship with Core DataCloud, an EMC Cloud service provider which specialises in backup solutions, disaster recovery as a service, data recovery and Cloud storage. Since its establishment in 1998, Core DataCloud has been consistently expanding its operational sphere and has provided superb data security and service scalability. As a result of the quality support services they provide, they have been able to develop a large portfolio of clients across London, the wider UK and Europe in a wide range of industry sectors, such as Legal, Financial, Technology and Professional Services.

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In order to meet the growing demand and customer requirements, Core DataCloud understood that they would need to further expand their business to include more strategically placed data centres. With the changing data centre landscape, they not only needed a strategically placed central London data centre, but also a data centre which could further expand their business operations with an adaptable hybrid infrastructure. This was crucial to maintaining a competitive edge and continue to protect their client’s physical, virtual and mixed environments.

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Core DataCloud partnered with Volta and now receive an adaptable hybrid infrastructure, capable of meeting the changing demands of the industry and their business. We provide the capacity, expertise and scalability that Core DataCloud was looking for. In addition, our centrally located data centre gives Core DataCloud’s engineers the ability to easily visit the data centre where and when necessary.

With the constantly changing digital landscape and more businesses transferring their operations to the Cloud, it’s become increasingly vital for organisations, businesses and institutions to select a data centre capable of facilitating their growth, as well as meeting their needs and exceeding them. Transferring business operations to the Cloud is no longer a suggestion, but a necessity to provide a continuous service to customers whenever, wherever.




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