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Keeping your data private at Volta Data Centres

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 03-Jun-2015 15:19:00

Volta_exterior_low-610520-editedIDC’s annual Digital Universe Study reports that the amount of ‘data bits’ in the world is set to rise by 40% in the next six years, so it is no wonder there is uncertainty over data sovereignty. Companies are asking where their data is stored and who has access to it?

The Patriot Act is a US regulation which allows US judges to ask US-based cloud companies, such as Amazon Web Service (AWS), to hand over customer data regardless of which geographical region it is held in. So even if you’re a British company, delivering British services to British customers, if you’re using AWS then the US authorities have the right to go and view that data as and when they please.

London’s Volta Data Centre offers AWS Direct Connect services which is great for a data centre, enabling customers to sign up to thousands of servers in minutes with low infrastructure expenses. However, Volta works with a high number of private cloud providers based in the UK that host data across a collection of UK data centres and is free from the Patriot Act regulations. It is by using these smaller cloud providers that businesses know exactly where their data is and that it is secure. These are the cloud providers that Volta is currently growing with.

Here are three tips to consider when choosing the right data centre to protect your data:

Who’s your host - Companies worrying about where their data is stored should think about the hosting site they are working with. Opting for a local infrastructure site to handle data-sensitive workloads ensures there are no worries about the US authorities asking to see the data.

Scalability - With many Managed Services providers making their first foray into the cloud, it is extremely tough to predict business growth – and hence data centre requirements. It is therefore essential to look for an environment that offers flexibility and allows a company to scale up IT infrastructure requirements in line with growth strategies.

Security - Given customer concerns regarding the data security in the cloud, it is essential for any Managed Services provider to be highly confident in the procedures in place at the data centre, from authorised and unauthorised access to fire and vandalism risks.

For more tips on how to choose the right data centre for your business and what to do after you have found one, download our “10 questions to ask when choosing the right data centre” eBook by clicking HERE or the download button below


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