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Volta Data Centres gets ISO 27001 Certified and Secures a Government Climate Change Agreement

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 03-Aug-2015 09:30:00

Volta2-1We are happy to announce we have been granted ISO 27001:2013 security standard accreditation and a Climate Change Agreement (CCA) as it aligns its policies and reinforces our compliance at our Great Sutton Street data centre.

After a two-day audit the Information Security Management System found the data centre had met the requirements of the latest ISO 27001 accreditation to certify Volta as secure in delivering data centre services. The scope of the Management System covers the design and provision of the colocation and managed data centre services covering security policies, legal compliance requirements and in-house processes and business continuity systems.

The accreditation allows our London’s data centre to ensure our staff are compliant with laws and regulations, has a strict management of controls in place for all its own data and storage, and includes requirements for the assessment and treatment of any information security risks to ensure all sensitive data it holds on its clients is secure.

The ISO 27001 accreditation validates to our partners and customers that we are committed to best practices and robust security procedures. We are tight on our security not just from a people level but from our own data and storage perspective too.

This follows on from Volta meeting the Government’s energy efficiency requirements. By joining the CCA we can demonstrate commitment to managing our carbon footprint. The CCA was granted after base data from Volta’s electricity consumption for the last two years was recorded. Energy efficiency targets will now be met in order for the data centre to receive its Climate Change Levy.

Managing carbon impact through a CCA provides colocations data centre like Volta with an aligned process that takes into account the fast growing industry. It helps using state-of-the-art row-based cooling system that use 42% less fan power than the standard CRAC units you see in most facilities. This means we can reduce our power-consumption to help meet our environmental responsibilities that we now have laid out in our CCA.

These certifications ensure Volta will continue to improve on our efficiency and security. They show that we, even as a Central London data centre, are committed to providing our customers with the quality of service and risk assurance they expect from a data centre.

Volta is working on its next accreditation to become PCI DSS compliant that means it will be even more secure for its customers that process, store or transmit credit card information.


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