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Is your business high performance computing ready?

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 01-Nov-2016 09:37:45

Big data has changed the way companies view information. They recognise its value almost as an asset on the balance sheet now. How it is managed, analysed and used to deliver new services determines everything, from operational performance to customer satisfaction – not least through the effective use of that essential single view of the customer.



As a result, more and more companies are looking to data centres that have embraced high performance computing (HPC). With its foundations in supercomputing technologies, HPC clusters exploit parallel processing to enable advanced, resource intensive applications to be run efficiently, quickly and sustainably. This is done by using huge amounts of power while dividing activities between multiple processors, dramatically reducing processing times from hours to minutes.

HPC enables companies to scale processes significantly, for example in the cases of collecting, storing, analysing and processing more data. In turn this will reduce costs and increase profits through optimised production and delivery of a service. Companies with access to HPC solutions will be able to develop and analyse increasingly large databases of information.

Previously the need for HPC was limited to markets such as engineering or science and academia, focused on data-intensive calculations. However, the business world is now recognising the advantages of HPC and looking to data centres to provide these same capabilities.

For anyone looking to get more out of a lot of data, HPC could be the answer, or at least part of the solution. While the growth of data acquisition and processing demands is far outstripping the ability of a standard CPU, a data centre with HPC infrastructures will be able to help customers get more out of their big data by developing patterns and analysis. HPC heralds a new opportunity to innovate in order to meet the demands of our new, data-devoted world. It is cost-effective and powerful, putting more information back more quickly into the hands of the people who need it. With speed and analysis at your fingertips, your business processes could be what propels you to the head of the pack. Find out how Volta Data Centres can support HPC platforms without deploying any special equipment.


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