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Is a hybrid infrastructure still the future?

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 14-Feb-2017 09:08:00

A hybrid infrastructure is flexible enough to meet many organisations' needs: it can take various forms, depending on each organisation’s needs and objectives. Some may decide to host email and other commodity services in the cloud, while keeping more critical services on an internal data centre. However, many have highlighted the security risks associated with cloud computing.


Join Volta Data Centre’s panel at Cloud Expo Europe on Wednesday 15th March to discuss whether a hybrid infrastructure strategy is still the future. You will be able to discuss whether a hybrid infrastructure is still the way forward for organisations; panelists will also discuss the benefits and the disadvantages of a hybrid infrastructure.

Make an informed decision for your own infrastructure strategy and join Volta at Cloud Expo Europe on 15th March at 10:30am in the Infrastructure, Storage and Virtualisation Theatre.

Nicola Hayes, Managing Director of European Data Centre Alliance will moderate the panel. Mehrdad Noushazar, Chief Technology Officer at Cryoserver and Wayne Lloyd , CEO at Ocean Intelligent Communications will share their experience on this topic. In the meanwhile, you can read the reasons why Cryoserver chose Volta here.

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