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Why it’s best to work with an Independent London Data Centre

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 28-Aug-2015 11:27:00

Volta1Just as homeowners like to know what they’re spending on their energy bills it is also important that any business owners know what they are paying for when it comes to their IT infrastructure.

You don’t just want to be another business housed in the wheel of many servers and forgotten about! When you’re housing critical IT systems and assets in an external data centre, having a trusted relationship with the provider is paramount. The larger the data centre operator, the harder it can be for the data centre to maintain a personal relationship and building good relationships with your suppliers is crucial. Why would you want to be seen as just another transaction – rather than a valued customer?

At some data centres, the people who meet you at the door are general building managers or security staff but they won’t necessarily help your engineer as he is lugging heavy kit. An independent data centre of course, can take a more personal approach – from making sure your engineers are looked after by skilled staff at all times to offering multiple meeting rooms available for your business meetings. But it should also be good for keeping track of your bills. At Volta there’s a very transparent and predictable pricing structure offering options like Power by the Hour utility-based billing, ideal for start-ups, small business and larger organisations requiring project-based structures.

A more personable data centre also offers businesses more flexibility. If you start off small – of course you will also want to grow. That’s why you need a data centre that can grow with you. Will you still be in safe hands in 5 to 10 years’ time – when you need more rack space? It is important to work with an agile and adaptable provider, able to can scale up and down with your business.

You can tell Volta is a great place to host your systems because of the other organisations that use our services, including eight managed service providers who have signed up in the first quarter of 2015 alone. The personal touch also makes it easier to understand your IT infrastructure contract and to make sure you review the customer service you are receiving to keep a dialogue going – a great account manager will value you as a client and will always be looking for new ways for you to benefit from their service.

Companies today are considering how to better handle their IT infrastructure and data storage needs. Being able to offer a range of flexible billing solutions and space to all our customers ensures we can offer personal touch on your individual needs.



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