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How secure is your London data centre?

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 08-Oct-2015 13:30:00

Volta1As a business looking to house your servers in a robust external facility, your choice of data centre is a crucial one that mustn’t be entered into lightly – especially when it comes to security.

To ensure business continuity and data security, the external data centre you choose should have a number of appropriate measures in place. Given customer concerns regarding the data security in the cloud, it is essential for any business or Managed Services provider to be highly confident in the procedures, from authorised and unauthorised access to fire and vandalism risks. This applies to the physical environment – which must be disaster proof - and also to the safeguards and processes in place to prevent unauthorised access to equipment and the assets stored on them.

At Volta we go above and beyond the normal measures, from multiple levels of security to access the building, to being safely away from flood areas at our Great Sutton Street data centre. We also provide the option of adding cages around the racks or dedicated private suites to ensure a depth of security facilities to protect against threats.

Security guards patrol our premises 24 hours a day and expert mechanical engineers are here right around the clock to ensure our facility is vigilantly looked after, not to mention CCTV throughout the building.

Processes are also important to us so we stick to strict accreditation policies to ensure high levels of data security are adhered to. Take our newly granted ISO 27001:2013 security standard accreditation. After a two-day audit the Information Security Management System found we had met the requirements of the latest ISO 27001 accreditation that certifies Volta is secure in delivering data centre services. The scope of the Management System covers the design and provision of the colocation and managed data centre services covering security policies, legal compliance requirements and in-house processes and business continuity systems.

All our staff are compliant with laws and regulations and we have a strict management controls in place for our own data and storage, which includes requirements for the assessment and treatment of any information security risks to ensure all sensitive data we hold on our clients is secure.

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