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How can a data centre realise the promise of big data in this new era?

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 08-Apr-2015 16:42:33

Volta_exterior_low-610520-editedOur CEO Matthew Dent recently wrote an article “London calling: Capital location providing true resilience” for The Telegraph’s Business Reporter. Within this article, Matthew discussed how big data has become more important than any analytics that anyone could ever imagine, and cloud-based analytics especially plays an imperative role in big data strategies as it has the ability to enable optimised behaviour.

But, for cloud-based analytics to run well, it needs a home and it can’t just be any home. In order to effectively run rapid and complex analytics across massive datasets to get ahead of the game, the pressure is on high-performance computing located in a 100 per cent uptime environment achieving essential scalability, flexibility and resilience in IT delivery. Having your IT infrastructure in the right data centre is therefore essential.

However, the problem for the data centre industry, especially in central London, is that a significant proportion of available space is no longer fit for purpose and there is continued reliance on traditional technology models – from low-density racks to legacy CRAC cooling – which without a doubt will compromise the long-term viability of data centre space.

This is why we created Volta Great Sutton Street (GSS) data centre to exponentially increase the availability of high-density, future-proof capability within central London. Location is always a key consideration. At the heart of the UK’s internet infrastructure, with specially developed row-based cooling systems that can cool high-density computing racks (60kW plus per rack) alongside low density networking ones, we are future-proofed for big data.

This modular system offers adaptable power during a project or business’s life cycle, allowing our customers to scale up and down their demand as and when they require without adding or reducing rack space. Two separate, on-site 33kV power supplies from two main grid substations provide two direct feeds on separate redundant rings, and together with diverse fibre connections, we are able to offer a level of true resilience that no other central London facility can match.

For more information on our row-based cooling systems and all the other services we provide, download our spec sheet HERE.

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