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IP voice specialist Gamma joins forces with Volta Data Centres

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 10-Dec-2014 12:35:49

Gamma & Volta Data Centres join forcesAny innovative business with growth ambitions must be vigilant about anything that might compromise its flexibility to expand quickly, or take advantage of new market opportunities. This is what IP-voice service specialist Gamma, the UK’s leading providers of SIP trunking services did.

Gamma identified the opportunity to use Volta’s high specification London data centre when planning for the next stage of its own business development. Although Gamma sells its solutions primarily via resellers and service providers, it recognised the benefits of hosting its services at Volta’s London colocation facility.

Andrew Chalkley, Head of Data Centres and Service Providers at Gamma, says, “London data centre, Volta’s Great Sutton Street site is very robust, with lots of resilience and space. Once a customer’s communications facilities are hosted in there, they’ll be very impressed. Features such as the row-based cooling capabilities really stand out. The site, which covers approximately 91,000 square feet, is a legacy data centre site, which used to belong to Reuters, then BT, and is now completely stripped and refurbished, with two dedicated electricity substations in the basement.”

Having access to this kind of facility in such close proximity to prime business areas of the West End, the City and the so-called Tech City/Silicon Roundabout in Shoreditch will allow Gamma to help a wealth of businesses in London Zone 1.

The partnership with Gamma is also an exciting development for Volta as it adds value to the services it already offers its own customers. Adding flexible IP-based voice services to Volta’s colocation London advantages means that Volta can offer central London businesses an even more comprehensive range of voice and data options.

Click the download button below to access the full case study and read how Gamma and Volta Data Centres are offering businesses the chance to move some or all of their IT and communications systems off site to be more flexible and cost efficient.


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