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Cryoserver shifts data centre to Volta in Clerkenwell

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 01-Feb-2017 10:00:00

As one of the first companies in the UK to offer a forensic email compliance solution, Cryoserver is one of the leading email archiving and compliance solution providers with many years of experience in understanding exactly what email users and IT departments need from their IT infrastructure.

Cryoserver Lgog.png

Cryoserver needed a data centre partner that could not only provide an outstanding power SLA, but was also based closer to its London office. After assessing different data centres in London, Cryoserver chose to partner with Volta because of its central London location, its commitment to reducing potential threats and risks to the data centre and its highly resilient power supply supported by two separate 33kV power rings.

At Cryoserver, we are proud that one of our main selling points is our outstanding customer service,” says Mehrdad Noushazar, Chief Technical Officer at Cryoserver. “The customer service and account managers at Volta were equal to our own – always available to respond to enquiries promptly with a resolution. Volta’s location in the City; their neutrality when it came to choosing ISPs; highly resilient power supply and UPS systems were all very satisfactory which, once the pricing negotiations were complete, made it a no-brainer decision for us

Due to the successful growth of Cryoserver’s Cloud software customers, the business required a more flexible and scalable solution. Read the full case study here to find out why Cryoserver moved their IT equipment to Volta Data Centres.


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