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Addressing the challenges: Health check for the healthcare industry

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 26-Feb-2016 17:08:03

Volta_exterior_low-610520-edited.jpgSecurity and reliability of infrastructure technology is an ongoing challenge for the English National Health Service (NHS). The NHS has even earned itself the number one spot in on the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICOs) naughty list in previous years, leading the media spotlight to be firmly focused on data security within the healthcare sector.

Throughout 2015 there was a catalogue of NHS data breaches reporting in the media – from memory sticks being left in public places to wider infrastructure issues – so any company working within the healthcare sector understands the importance of data security. With continuously changing legislation, rules and regulations it can be challenging for companies to provide a guaranteed level of service.

Here at Volta we have had first-hand experience working with Lypy, a provider of connected solutions, in its work with the NHS via the N3 network. The N3 network is a national broadband network connecting all locations and 1.3 million employees across England, providing a single, high availability, secure and fast broadband network. With over 15 years’ experience implementing secure solutions in the healthcare sector, Elijah Charles, Director of Lypy, understood the challenges to overcome.

Lypy had recently experienced a number of power outages with its incumbent data centre provider which has caused its services to deteriorate. This was impacting the experience Lypy provided to its customers and therefore sparked a search for a replacement provider. Lypy wanted a data centre provider that not only had a highly secure data centre that could guarantee 100% uptime, but also a partner that had the capacity to grow with the business and add racks without having to have them split on different floors or have a cross connect between different racks.

Volta provides the space and flexibility Lypy requires to scale its business with the benefit of being close to the core N3 point of presence for one of the lowest latency links possible. Now Lypy can offer N3 connectivity out of Volta, which is the nationwide area network for the NHS and connects all NHS locations and its 1.3 million employees. The ability for Lypy to scale its footprint in Volta based upon how much power it consumes is a very cost effective and straight forward approach.

What is clear is that companies providing services to customers within the healthcare sector cannot afford to overlook the finer details – everything needs to be 100%, whatever the requirement. Leaving room for error can have great implications, both financially and for customer experience.

To read more about our work with Lypy, please click the button below to download a case study or contact the team / +44 (0) 20 7054 9390.


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