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CBS values Volta for outstanding service and excellent technical facilities

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 05-Dec-2016 10:47:51

City Business Solutions (CBS) provides specialist IT managed services from the heart of London’s legal district. The company prides itself on its authority and expertise in IT solutions and support services focused on the legal sector.

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CBS was seeking a new data centre to provide up-to-date hosting facilities, backed up by strong service level agreements. Just as important to CBS was the location of the data centre, as the majority of its customers work within the centre of London. The company had to be able to reassure customers about the accessibility and security of the services it provides. It was also clear that any partner would need scope to expand as CBS grew with its existing and new customers, allowing greater access to transit carriers.

The company turned to Volta as a partner who mirrored its own approach to customer service in its transparency and willingness to commit to service level agreements. The ease of working with the Volta team also impressed CBS, due to its unique facility location and its customer focused outlook. The ability to provide guaranteed uptime and prompt service delivery was a deciding factor when looking at potential data centre facilities. When time is money, there is no scope for downtime or power failure.

Reasons for choosing Volta

  • Excellent customer service – from reception through to sales and support, the Volta team was efficient and easy to engage, equaling CBS’s own customer-centric focus and company culture.
  • Power resilience and UPS systems – CBS was reassured by Volta’s ongoing commitment to providing 100% uptime, ensuring its IT infrastructure is always on and accessible when needed.
  • Highly secure facilities – Volta’s central London location matches that of CBS’s customers, allowing access when needed but in a highly protected and secure environment.
  • Presence of major carriers and ISPs – with a wide range of Tier I and Tier II carriers onsite, Volta can ensure that businesses avoid additional costs or constraints. As it doesn’t rely on a single fibre provider, it has a diverse range of connections, and significant back-up options.
  • Financial stability – knowing that Volta is stable and financially secure is important as CBS commits to its customers on a long-term basis. Having a partner with the same attitude towards business relationships is key.
  • Commitment to deliver with meaningful SLAs – Volta’s willingness to sign up to Service Level Agreements inspires confidence that its promises are kept and delivered upon, and that any issues are quickly resolved.

Working with Volta, City Business Solutions is able to offer unrivalled service, uptime and security to its central London customers, as well as the flexibility and ability to rapidly upscale existing hosting services. CBS is committed to a long partnership with Volta, just as it prides itself on working with its customers to understand and qualify their exact requirements, providing advice and guidance for a long-term IT strategy.

For further information on the partnership between CBS and Volta Data Centres, please click here.

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