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2016 datacenter failures highlight growing complexity and high profile consequences

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 20-Jan-2017 10:56:10

 The 451 Research recent paper on 2016 power failures highlights growing complexity in the colocation industry. At least 9 data centre providers experienced a power failure in 2016, including 4 in London.

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According to the research paper, the way that resiliency is achieved at the datacenter level is expected to change significantly in the coming years, as we move to a more cloudy, hybrid and distributed environment. In the meantime, the evidence of these incidents suggests that managers need to maintain if not increase their vigilance, because the interdependencies of real-time systems means the costs of failures are higher than ever.

In a world where social networks can drive the news agenda, these incidents soon become high profile incidents that have a large monetary and reputational impact.

There is no single point of failure

It is important to note that data centre power failures are almost never caused by a single problem. Failures arise from multiple processes or small design elements that have potentially been overlooked or viewed as too insignificant to pose a real threat. Constant vigilance is a mantra that should be adopted and data centre providers need to plan for all eventualities – unforeseen or otherwise.

At Volta we take power resilience very seriously and our data centre is supported by two separate 33kV feeds from the national grid, with two dedicated 33kV transformers onsite. As a result, we can take control of our power resilience and provide a level of power resilience that no other central London data centre facility can match. Click here for more information on our power resilience capabilities and a world first guaranteed 100% power SLA.

Read the 451 Market Insight on 2016 Data Centre Failures to find out more about the consequences felt by the customers affected and the lessons learnt.


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