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The rise of the green data centre: why and how these essential facilities are becoming sustainable

Posted by Katharine McNamara on 26-Feb-2020 16:47:45

In recent years, as global consensus has shifted towards a greater need to reduce carbon emissions and do more generally to protect the environment, certain industries have found themselves under the glow of a harsh spotlight. The automotive industry being an example.

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Eco-connectivity: How ‘green’ is your data centre?

Posted by Katharine McNamara on 30-Jan-2020 08:54:13

The environment, and humanity’s role in contributing its damage, is hot news these days.

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Hybrid Cloud: the optimum IT architecture? - by Phil Alsop, Editor, DCS Europe Published

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 16-Jul-2019 10:12:03

All sizes and types of organisation are under increasing pressure to meet customer expectations as digital transformation requires a completely new approach to the world of business. Companies across all industry sectors need to re-evaluate their inter-related data centre and IT architectures to ensure that today’s digital consumers receive the best possible experience whenever, wherever and however they want to interact.

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Let's get physical, and compliant - by Phil Alsop, Editor, DCS Europe Published

Posted by Volta Newsroom on 31-May-2018 16:02:40

What should highly regulated industries look for in a data centre partner?

As discussed in previous blogs, the arguments for moving some, or all, of your data centre and IT infrastructure to a colocation facility and/or into the Cloud are extremely compelling. Put simply, the expertise, technology and flexibility available via the outsourcing route is out of reach for all but the very largest enterprises when compared to keeping IT in-house.

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